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Salutations and praise to the ancients who discovered the secret of the planets. We merely pass on the power of faith in Numerology. You are the receiver of this power of faith.

Upon visiting our website,, consider it a chance for positive changes in the lives of you and your family. You do not have to believe that names have the power for your life’s path yet, but please keep your mind open and un-biased. See the truth for yourself.

We are disseminating the essence of naming with Numerology and its scientific principles. They are unique. There are various versions of naming by Numerology in use today.  All have their peculiar views on the interpretation of planets, how the planets relate to numbers, and the conversion of numbers to alphabets, thus the accuracy may vary.

Most people do not know or believe that their names and surnames have an influence on their lives.
Most people do not know about the numerological naming science that we are offering here.

You may find it difficult to believe that names have power and that they affect our lives, just as people centuries ago would not have believed that humans:
*     Would fly…now we can explore the globe by planes, and leave planet earth for the
       moon via space crafts.

*     Would converse and communicate face to face and see all over the world via       
      satellites, mobile phones and computers.

*     Would travel long distances in a short time by high speed trains, planes, and cars.
However, I am confident that in the future the science of numerology and the power of names will be as commonplace and as much a part of our lives as the above mentioned technologies.

That which we do not know is not necessarily impossible.

Our Goals

  1. To praise and honor the wisdom of the ancients for discovering the secret of planets, numbers, and names that have potentialities for individuals.
  2. To disseminate the science of Numerology worldwide.
  3. To assist parents in naming their babies in order to bring forth positive influences from the name, resulting in a smooth up-bringing and having good children who are happy and healthy.
  4. To enable people who are unhappy and in trouble to change to positive names which will result in better lives, and even happier lives for those who are already happy.

Our purpose is to acknowledge and help you find the truth and acquire benefits through this valuable information of naming your newborn, and to help you lead a healthy and happy life. Also, it is to assist you in utilizing the power of Numerology to steer the course of lives away from troubles and problems and, instead, towards happiness and prosperity.

We do not sell beliefs. We only offer you a new option in naming your newborn.