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Have you ever thought or wondered;

1. Why in a week, Sunday is assigned as the 1st day, Monday the 2nd, and Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, the 3rd-7th respectively?

Answer: It originates from the comparison of the planets. The sun is given number 1. The moon is given number 2. Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn are given number 3-7 respectively. 

2. Why do all the 10 planets in the solar system equate to the 10 numbers
(0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9)? 
Why can these 10 numbers be combined into 2 digits and multi-digit numbers?
Why do numbers represent every amount in the world?

Answer: The ancients discovered numbers from the number of the planets in the solar system. Hence the number of numbers matches the number of the planets.

3. Why do we assign numbers to all things in the world, for example, chemistry, physics, and scientific formulas, mechanics, electronic applications, computers, currencies, ATM cards, distances, temperatures, date-month-year, cell phones, etc.?
How could we communicate without numbers and how would our lives be without them?

Answer: It is because numbers have the power that drives everything on our planet earth. They play a very crucial role in our lives as a result.

4. Why do twins who share the same birthday, birth times, birth place, up-bringing and environment have different traits, behaviors, and lives?

Answer: It is because they have different names. Having different name numbers, surname numbers, and total numbers for their names leads them down a completely different course of life. Therefore, this science disregards birthday elements.

5. Why do people in some families face similar obstacles i.e. relationship problems, marriage failures, stay single, divorced, or remarry?

Answer: It is because they share the same surname. Their surname number is identical. It is likely that their surname number has an influence on their having similar disturbances.

6. Since we have hundreds of languages in use across the world with different alphabets, vowels, and tones, why does every nation, every language, every country use the same numbers?

Answer:  It is because numbers are a universal language. Every nation represents 1-digit numbers (ones' place) with 0-9, 2-digit numbers (tens' place) with 10-99, and 3-digits numbers and above in the same way. The only exception is the different patterns and ciphers according to a particular country.

Answers to the afore-mentioned questions are part of the “Background and the importance of Numerology, the science of planets and numbers.”



1. Why does this system of numerology use only the letters in your name and not your date of birth?

Answer: This system considers only the power of the planets and numbers within the letters of names, and regards the birth process as starting from when the baby has a soul, while still inside the womb (in fact nobody knows exactly how many days between conception and birth). The day, month and year of birth are not of relevance to numerology.

2. How important is the science of naming?

Answer: It is very crucial because names signify personality, behavior, traits, and destiny. One who has a good name and good surname as well as a good sum of the complete name can achieve a happier life with money, a career, romance, family, and health than the average person. In contrast, if one has a bad name, one can suffer constantly from unhappiness, troubles, failures, sickness, accidents, and disappointments, and even if one is happy, the happiness is unstable.

3. What influences will be cast on a baby’s life who is given a numerological naming?

Answer: If the numerological naming or name changing is given to the baby, the outcome will be a smooth up-bringing that is flexible, and the child will be well-behaved, healthy, and have a promising future.

4. How will a numerological name change for an adult affect his/her life?

Answer: Life will get better, but how much more positive it will get depends on many factors, for instance:
- How bad the number of the previous name was.
- The age of the person who changes his/her name.
- The expectations after the name is changed.
- The individual’s knowledge, capability, potentiality, environment, and chances that can     support a better life.
A good name will lead to:
- A person with little happiness becoming happier, and with happiness being easier to find.
- A person with unhappiness and disturbances suffering less and being able to find ways to tackle problems.

Remark Name changing does not equate to life changes for wealth and life-long happiness, but it can surely improve your life.

5. What is the science of naming by Numerology?
Answer: It is the utilization of the power of planets and numbers hidden behind alphabets (name– surname). The power of good numbers will drive, support, and provide chances that will lead life to a better state. Obstacles can be changed so that they can be overcome.

6. Is this numerological naming reliable?

Answer: There are 2 ways to prove its reliability as follows:

    1. Analyze your name then compare its interpretation to your actual life. Should it turn out to be close or similar, it shows that the current name has influence on your life.
    2. Change your name. When it is changed, your life will change for the better.

7. How long has this numerological naming science existed?

Answer: It was invented by the ancient Babylonians of Persia during the era of King Darius the Great over 2,500 years ago (about 500 BC). It was developed and revived around 50 years ago.

8. What languages can be applied to this numerological naming science?

Answer: It is applicable with any language that uses the A-Z alphabet for example, American names, British names, Canadian names, Australian names, Irish names, Scottish names, New Zealand names, etc.

9. What are the elements of this numerological naming?

Answer: It is the power of planets hidden in numbers and the A-Z alphabet in our names. The date and place of birth, meaning, value, beauty, beliefs, etc. are excluded.

10. Can we name an unborn baby?

Answer: No. Do not name the unborn baby because the power of the planets and numbers will negatively influence the fetus.

11. Why do some people with bad names become wealthy?

Answer: Numerological name science does not consider the aspects of wealth or poverty but it can signify behavior, traits, and a path of life.
Individuals with bad names despite being rich may not be happy or stay rich. Their lives may undergo some disturbances.
Individuals who have good names face fewer obstacles. Their lives are smooth and happy.
It is because the power of the planets and numbers support and steer their lives toward a positive direction.

12. Can numerological naming/name and surname changes bring about wealth?

Answer: It is possible or impossible depending on the individual’s capabilities, potential, and environment.  Naming and name changing cannot fully alter your life but the power of a good name can provide you with more good chances. Your life will be more at ease. You can have less troubles, obstacles, and unhappiness.

13. Do nicknames and middle names have influences on life?

Answer: No. Only the real name and surname are needed for numerological naming.

14. Will the life of a married woman change after opting to use her husband’s surname?

Answer: Yes, it will. The power of the numbers in the new surname and the sum of the name and new surname become different, resulting in a change in one’s life path.

15. Is it possible to use astrology to forecast the destiny of a person whose name has been chosen by this system of numerology?

Answer: Yes, one can do a comprehensive analysis of ones’ life, but one cannot be specific about the timing or seriousness of events because people live in different environments, have different ages, abilities, knowledge and potential.

16. Although our lives have everything, good jobs, enough money, fame, why do we not have happiness, for example disappointment in love, illnesses, pain and accidents, suicide and constant problems.

Answer: The cause is the power of the planets and numbers hidden inside your name propelling your life that way, which nobody has the power to change.