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Numerology is the science of the interpretation of planets and numbers invented by the ancient Babylonians of Persia during the era of King Darius the Great over 2,500 years ago (about 500 BC). It developed and was revived around 50 years ago.

The power of numbers is called “The Power of the Universe” which is derived from the 10 planets in the solar system being attracted towards each other by gravity.

Gravity transforms into 3 great sources of energy which are magnetic energy, electric energy, and radio energy.  We can see that our daily electronic devices are all referred to by the power of numbers as with our cellphones, computer languages, ATM cards, credit cards, the internet, measuring scales, weights, distances, time, temperatures, ages, etc.  We define everything with numbers. If we set the correct number to our electronic devices, they will start to function.

The same idea applies to our lives. We are ruled by numbers. The wise ancients thus invented Numerology.

Everybody must have a name and surname. When a baby is born, parents must name the newborn according to the language used in that particular country, considering the beauty of the name, its meaning, and value appreciated in such period of time. In fact, the naming science is very crucial. It needs to consist of the precise power of numbers and planets.

The power of numbers is assigned according to the power of the planets in the universe as follows:

Numbers 2 4 5 6 9 are functional benefic planets which influence positively.
Numbers 1 3 7 8 0 are functional malefic planets which influence negatively.

The letters A-Z, both alphabets and vowels have their hidden power of the 10 numbers
(1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0). Numerology is the analysis of the name and surname with perfect accuracy.
When calculated into numbers, our name and full name can reveal our personality, behavior, and life path as individuals by interpreting the significance of the numbers. Our lives are governed by the power of planets and numbers.

The power of numbers is mighty.  Numbers can greatly influence everything in the world. Names equate with life. Our life path is directed by our name.

All the aspects mentioned above are the background and the significance of Numerology, the science of the planets and numbers.

We welcome you to our website to prove this to yourself. Its reliability is made by your sole judgment. 

Names do not only serve to answer or identify individuals.
They can also portray personalities, traits, and life paths.