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       From the time I was a child until I started working, my life had only troubles with regular obstacles and problems.
As a child I had to work with my mother and father helping them struggle to scrape an existence, missing out on the joys of childhood. When I started working full-time, I met with many obstacles and problems in many areas of work and financially, with many debts, but inside I knew that I had the potential to succeed in life.

       So I asked myself “why is my life like this” and started to look for a way out and for something to help my life by finding out about invisible forces such as the power of the mind, karmic influence, the power of nature, Feng shui, astrology, tarot cards and palmistry etc., in order to formulate a life plan for myself and to solve my problems and obstacles, or to prevent them. But after trying many ways to improve my life, nothing really changed.
       Until one day a friend told me about a professor with knowledge about naming or changing names using the science of numerology. I was a little surprised when he used only my name and surname in his analysis because I had not thought that the names we are given could play such a part in shaping our destinies.
Afterwards he explained further that the system of numerology he uses is very different to the systems used by other people, and as found on numerous websites. He also explained to me how names, numbers and planets have a significant influence on our lives.

       So I decided to seek proof of the things he had told me by changing my name, knowing it was a little strange and complicated and that not many people do it, but I thought that if my name can affect my life in this way, then by changing it, my life should improve. The result was that 4-5 months after changing my name my life started to improve and my problems began to melt away.

Since changing my names I have experienced happiness and satisfaction in my life and a change in my lifestyle as well as my temperament, my way of thinking and my viewpoints.

One year after changing my name my life improved constantly and I had confidence in this method of numerology, so I decided to learn more about it to further improve my understanding and asked the teacher to teach me. On finishing studying this I told my parents, relatives and close friends about the benefits that could be received by changing their name. Every person who changed their name experienced improvement in their life afterwards.

My confidence in this system increased to the point where I asked my professor’s permission to use this method to make a website and to help other people to change their names. He agreed, but said that it would be difficult to do because changing one’s name was unconventional and not part of our traditions and people generally don’t consider names to have such an importance or believe that by changing their name they can improve their life, however, my idea to make a website at that time never came to fruition.

Two years later, I again had the idea to use this knowledge to help people, but this time I thought it would be better to focus on finding name for babies than changing existing names. Although I know that mostly people decide to use names from parents, grandparents, relatives or forebears, I believe that if one has an open mind and looks at the details on the website, one shall discover the importance of names and how they affect peoples’ lives. Using names according to this system of numerology can enhance the lives of both you and your child and lead to greater happiness in life.

Although I am not Einstein and this is not the theory of relativity, set to change the world, I hope that this knowledge will help you in changing your world and enhancing your life.

Warm regards,
Yours truly,

Leo Mark