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1. Planets have an influence on the world and on our lives.

The Sun and the planets in the Solar System move around and attract each other. This movement and the attraction produce 3 great types of energy namely magnetic energy, electrical energy and radio energy. These energies affect everything on planet earth bringing life and causing natural phenomena like days and nights, the seasons, the formation of tides, heating, cooling, the magnetic poles, gravity, etc.

2. The relationship between planets and numbers.

Planets and numbers are related. The numbers are derived from the number of the planets in the Solar System resulting in all the 10 numbers (0-9) being equal to the number of planets in the Solar System which includes the earth’s moon.
- The Sun is the center of the Solar System. It is responsible for making days and nights. Everything needs energy, light, and heat. We cannot live without them.
Hence, the Sun is given number 1.
- The moon is the closest cosmic body to the earth. It is responsible for the tides of the oceans and governs the reproductive cycles of many organisms. Its importance is second to the Sun.
Hence, the Moon is given number 2.
- Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, and Uranus are 3rd to 0 in importance respectively.

This caused the wise ancients to name the days of the week according to the planets starting with Sunday as the 1st, Monday as the 2nd, Tuesday – Saturday as the 3rd – 7th respectively.

3. The relationship between numbers and humans.

Everything in our world is referred to by numbers i.e. phones, electronic devices, the internet, computers, ATM cards, chemical formulas, physics, sciences, mechanics, measuring scales, birth dates, rankings, and much more.

4. The relationship between numbers and letters/names.

Every single letter from A to Z has its own hidden power. Interpreting the alphabet into numbers:
-   In theory is considered based on the similarity or the resemblance of the drawing of numbers and alphabets.
-   Is done by combining letters of the alphabet into names and numbers.

5. The relationship between alphabets/names and humans.

Each human has a relationship with the alphabet because everyone must have a name for identification.

6. The power of alphabets/names on the particular name bearers.

Since the alphabet/names hold the power of numbers and planets, they have influence on the name bearers with their traits, behavior, and life according to the power of the matching numbers and planets, for example;

FORD = 8+7+2+4 = 21 (2+1=3)
Number 2, the Moon, is in front of number 1, the Sun. The Sun therefore supports the moon’s power making the person charming, easy-going and outstanding among groups of people such as friends and colleagues.
Number 2 the Moon represents sweetness and tenderness.
Number 1 the Sun signifies stamina and traits of being unyielding.

When number 2 and number 1 coincide, it produces dual personality traits in a person, outwardly appearing to be sweet and out-going, but being unyielding on the inside. They cunningly hide their individuality and are hard to read, their actions often concealing their true feelings.

When combining number 2 with number 1, the result is number 3, Mars. The power of Mars causes disturbances to one’s life. Life is filled with troubles, breakdowns in the middle of situations, having a twisted life path, and career failure.