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What makes us different from other naming services websites are:

1. Our numerological naming calculates only with real names and surnames
     1.1 We do not take the date of birth, place of birth, the meaning and the            beauty of the name, beliefs, and values into account.
     1.2 We calculate the number from 3 parts, namely:
           (1) The name number
           (2) The surname number, and
           (3) The sum of both the name and the surname.
     1.3 We interpret numbers and their meaning differently from other

2. Interpreting planets to numbers
2.1 Our interpretation is as follows:

    2.2 Other websites make interpretations as follows:

3. Interpreting  numbers to alphabets

3.1 Our interpretation is as follows:
    1         2         3         4         5         6         7         8         9
     I         R        S         M        E        U         Z         P         -

There are some websites that interpret alphabets the same way we do but quote different numbers for the planets (see no.2) offering different interpretations of one's life.

   3.2 Other websites interpret alphabetically
   1         2         3         4         5         6         7         8         9
   A        B         C        D        E         F         G        H         I

4.  Differences in meaning and accuracy

Numbers 1-3 above, differentiate WWW.CREATEBABYNAME.COM from other naming and   name-changing service websites that you have seen before.  

Hence, here is the first and the only website that shows you the revelations of the secrets of the power of planets, numbers, and names that rule your life.